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Christmas 2019

It was a Christmas that almost didn't happen, only because I thought that I wouldn't do anything regarding decoration this year. Then I zipped down to Union Square and picked up 25 feel of thick garland. After digging out a vintage sample suitcase of ornaments from basement storage, Christmas happened in a matter of 30 minutes. 
Then there was a the matter of dinner on the 24th, which included a recipe of roasted duck with apple and sage stuffing, chestnuts and pears. For the table, I used a vintage 1950's table cloth that my sister gave me a few years ago. 
What am I positing this now? Because I am damn sick of politics and want a little beauty. Looking back or looking forward is all the same at this point. The ugliness of what is happening politically requires a certain mentality that focuses on the "real," which goes beyond appearance and into the felt experience of being in a room with those that matter. That's Christmas, which is, oddly, beyond religion…

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