Friday, January 27, 2012

Inspiration: Oscar de la Renta's House

I first saw this room in World of Interiors, of which I have about 10 years worth on my bookshelves (finding the exact issue might take awhile). The bookshelves themselves were a result of seeing what Oscar and Annette de la Renta had created in their Connecticut home.

I'd had ones made already, but they were only a third as tall as the current nine feet. Not enough room for the mountain of books stored under the piano. What to do? It was when I saw this room that I thought: "We should do that!" And while the apartment is miniscule in comparion, the effect is similar, if nowhere near as grand. It's a big statement with a large mirror, mantel and moldings, white walls, green upholstery and classicism. And what a bed! Draped in Chinz with deep fringe. Another idea that is being mulled over, though I may forgo the fringe and keep it to a lamp shade.

I sang at Carnegie Hall a couple of months ago, and afterwards, while running down the stairs to the stage door exit ran smack into Mr. de la Renta who was coming up dressed in a snazzy silvery-gray suit. Late for dinner, I wanted to say: "I love your room!" But didn't, my New Yorker 'I see you but gushing is for tourists' training getting the better of me.


What do I love, especially? All the off-white and green textiles. Wonderful! 

Images from Habitually Chic, Photos by Francois Halard. 


  1. You picked a wondeful design inspiration dahhling! Can't wait to see the results...(p.s. good for you for not gushing like a turista!)

  2. well...
    hold onto your fedora, for i am about to gush.
    i love your blog. such an ugly term for beauty and refinement of the highest order!
    i browsed through your entire archives and am just now commenting for the second time. not sure the first took, a few weeks ago.
    thank you for sharing your life and home with us!
    your home is exquisite... and proves that lovely formality can be every bit as comfortable and comforting as other "homier" types of decor. i think it's so beautiful because there is nothing ostentatious about it. everything is in scale, yet not lacking in the sheer beauty and grace of another more opulant time.
    here's to your own little downton abbey!
    tammy j


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