Sunday, January 22, 2012

Old Dogs

The pointer and setter were a flea market find. Signed and dated 1904, they are probably English, as I learned from William Secord, who had a look at them and was informative (execution of the eyes is an important matter) and helpful. After this outing to the East Side, I had them cleaned and set in an old gilded frame. They scampered across the bookshelves for about a year, looking rather smart, until I decided to part with them. Sometimes we have to let things go so that let other things can enter our lives. 

The green silk damask curtains bracketing the large North facing window were made with my own two hands. Well...four actually. My friend José taught me how to sew when these were made. The lining is a dark green which protects the fabric from the light and the heat of the radiator under the windowseat. I love their subtle iridescent sheen. Not so pretty? The phone on the table behind the sofa. Its gone along with the painting, an Iphone taking its place. The old French brass cutlery tray with its original teal colored felt, which I used as a pencil and pen holder, is now back to its original function holding old steel knives with ivory handles. The box is Georgian and inlaid Greek key pattern which is hard to see because of the reflected light, while the lamp is Japanese c. 1880. I think it needs a bell-shaped shade with fringe. Over-the-top perhaps. But then, the thought makes me smile, as do the dogs.

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