Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Tea and Jamb

WOI 1/12 Photo credit Simon Upton

The January issue of World of Interiors arrived unscathed a few weeks ago (it's been mangled by the post office more than once), and while luxuriating in its pages over tea, I realized that Will Fisher's home on page 66 contained a solution to a problem (visit Fisher's company Jamb here). There, staring back at me was his ceiling, painted the same color as the walls with lighter colored crown molding. "Good god!" I thought. "It's beautiful. I should do this."

Right now my own ceiling is painted stark white which doesn't quite work. Too harsh. But like Mr. Fisher's house, the crown molding (and beams in my case) is a half shade lighter than the walls. I used an equal amount of ceiling white and the wall color which is cameo white. (This same half-tone was also used on the mantel.) Painting the ceiling the same as the walls will out bring the coffered ceiling and crown molding, add a modern touch, and create more coherence. 

There is more inspiration in Mr. Fisher's blueish-green walls. I tried painting mine providence olive this past summer but chickened out after two walls were finished. Why? I realized that I would have to totally rethink the matter of light sources. The providence olive was too dark during the day time with one north facing window and the light sources having gold shades.  Overhead lighting might provide a solution? Or a lighter green like Mr. Fisher's?  

In any case, I'm going to be up on a ladder soon. 


  1. even with the "stark white ceiling" i like your home so much better. it has the same elegance, but far more warmth, which is important to me.
    the only thing missing from yours is a winston churchill look-a-like peering into the camera!
    tammy j

  2. I love getting my World of Interiors magazine...even the adds are more beautiful in the British mags. than they are in the American variety.

    1. Love WOI's ads too, especially Jamb's. They have an old world aesthetic.


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