Sunday, February 5, 2012

Afternoon Tea

A 1920's tea pot that I picked up some years ago at the Lambertville Flea Market (The Golden Nugget), just south of Lambertville, New Jersey. The cup and saucer are Lenox, and have a green label which dates it as pre-1950. The white is a touch more off-white than what is made now.

No dessert with this tea, the pasta at lunch being enough carbs for one day! I like Assam in the morning mostly and Darjeeling in the afternoon. When I do have a bit of yum, it's always from Soutine, a lovely French Bakery on West 70th Street on the Upper West Side.


  1. lovely lighting in this picture. the honeyed tone of the wood and the clear tea in an exquisite cup...
    dear daniel,
    i am trying to tone it down. my mother was from new york, her mother from new england. and my father was a texan! an odd combination for sure. my reserved yankee genes fight with my openly friendly western genes and sometimes the west wins! i don't mean to be overwhelming in my comments.
    but i do enjoy your take on things, and your photography. your site is a real delight.

    1. Thank you Tammy. Western friendliness is always welcome. D

  2. Dahhling what a beautiful tea pot & cup! I love afternoon té.
    I also thank you kindly for adding my humble little blog to your favorites dahhling, you are too kind!


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