Saturday, February 25, 2012

CameraBag: Magazine

More shots of the apartment using CameraBag's 'Magazine' lens. I'd say it has something of a 1960's look, don't you think?

Yes. The stair is the entry, which is rather unusual and adds  a degree of charm (you come down into the apartment rather than through the kitchen which often happens in Brownstone apartments). At the bottom is a huge 10 foot tall Egyptian Revival pier mirror that hails from Brooklyn. It outranks the 9 foot bookcases across the room and nods to the window which is also 10 foot. A scene from real life, I had just been streaming Hardball to the flatscreen tucked away in the built-in bookcase that is slated to be taken out and replaced with a green velvet banquette.

Again: the wall above the mirror is begging to be filled - gallery style - with art. Everything is reaching up in this space. Sometimes you have to think big.


  1. Dear Daniel,
    Your new blog is really a class act; you've got a great eye for detail, and you obviously have great taste, which of course comes as no surprise. And no matter what angles or photo apps you use to shoot your apartment in, the result is that it makes you wanna stop by for a drink! So beware, you may be getting more visitors than you'd bargained for! Nice, very nice shots you've featured here.

    (By the way, my favorite photo app is Snapseed -- it helps out in all the right ways, whether it's special effects or simply turning a crooked background straight, and so much more. Love it!)

    All the best to you; looking forward to stopping by your blogs more often.

  2. Dear Michael,

    Thank you for your good words! A drink would be lovely.

    Snapseed?! I will look into it directly. I'm having fun playing with my Iphone as you can tell.

    Wonderful to hear from you,


  3. Dahhling I have enjoyed the tour of your apartment, no matter, the "effect" of the photos... I can see your style very clearly. Simply FAB!


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