Saturday, February 18, 2012

Chair & Church

Last summer I had the pleasure of singing with the Umbrian Serenades - a wonderful choral & cultural program founded by Paulo Faustini - and will be going again this coming summer. I'm really excited about that! 

I went through my photographs this morning from last summer's trip, looking for this wonderful chair in the former sacristy at the Montefalco Church Museum (as the name indicates, the church has been deconsecrated and is now a museum).  I love its faded and worn fabric. Not roped off, my colleagues and I sat in it before the concert began. I bet it's still there- waiting. 

This is where we stood in a semi-circle and sang a-cappella (the chair is in a room immediately to the right). The acoustics are the most amazing that I have ever heard. It's like singing in champagne. Interested in singing in Italy? Contact Paulo at the link above.

For a sonic tasting, click here. The recording was made under the arch with doors open, birds singing, on a glorious summer day. Can't wait to be singing in this wonderful space again. It really is a like-changing experience.

Geez.  I've used 'wonderful' in every paragraph. That's either bad writing or an honest-to-god feeling. I'm going with the latter.


  1. oh daniel!
    to be going to italy and doing what you love... no wonder there is sheer happiness in this post. to be invited back, such an honor!
    i loved your description of the acoustics... "like singing in champagne!"
    you are unique. and elegant. and how refreshing it is to know a young man who is talented, as you are, and who also values all beauty in life!
    if you are guilty of too many 'wonderfuls' then i am guilty of too many exclamation points.
    and i think we both happily don't care!
    love and pride and congratulations,
    tammy j
    ps... the last frame, hearing the singing coming to an end and the sunlight streaming in...

  2. Dahhling how can you not use the word "wonderful" when in fact it is just that...


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