Sunday, February 5, 2012

Myzel's Chocolate

Licorice of the World

That's what the business card from Myzel's Chocolate says. And they aren't kidding. There must be 75 jars of salted and unsalted licorice in the long narrow place on 55th Street, right across from City Center. The place is presided over by Kamila and her mother who have a kitchen in the back. 

The website says the establishment is a "traditional European chocolatier." I believe it from the what I saw, tasted and brought home. There is a hands-on aspect to the place is quite engaging. 

I love dark chocolate and bought two large piece of chocolate bark with nuts and fruit. You can see it in the picture below on the second shelf. Seriously good stuff. Great with red wine. 

Of course, there was lots of chocolate wrapped up in anticipation of Valentine's Day. And that was a curious thing. I commented on this, and the gracious lady behind the counter - none other than Kamila herself- noted that she and her mother can never tell what is going to be popular, so they make a lot of everything. Well. Wouldn't you? 

I'm going back for more bark and a bag of assorted unsalted licorice. The stuff is amazing. Nothing like you've ever had before.

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  1. i could make a screensaver out of those sweets pics ! :) wonderful!


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