Friday, February 3, 2012


Detail from one of two nine-and-a-half foot portiére panels I made with my friend José that hang in my alcove kitchen. Modest in size (read tiny), its central location creates symmetry which is aided and abetted when the portiére are parted. A fair amount of time, however, both panels hang together creating one long line which talks to the green silk damask curtains hanging opposite from the large north facing window. The apartment itself used to be the dining room and pantry of a five story single family Brownstone that was turned into ten apartments in the 1930's after the Crash.

Edwardian in feel, the dark green bottle colored velvet is fringed (M & J Trim) with a Victorian bell pull border edged with green silk. I found the bell pull at the flea market on 25th Street. It sat in a drawer for the longest time before I knew what I was going to do with it. When I decided to make green silk window curtains, the idea to use it with velvet curtains came came in a flash. I like the swoosh the portiére make as they are drawn together or part, the latter concealing the alcove and creating mystery. 


  1. ooooh.. i love the rich green and the books. oh the books. perfection. layers of texture.
    beautiful workmanship. kudos to you and jose'!

  2. My, such a beautiful project! absolutely love dahhling!


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