Saturday, March 10, 2012

Apollo, afternoon light and renovations

Apollo landed safely on the hearth after residing on a bedroom radiator for the winter. He seems content, tucked away near the green sofa, looking towards the kitchen alcove where plans are taking shape. 

The contractor for a new kitchen cabinet came today, and will return later in the month with a new sink and under-the-counter refrigerator unit. The butcher block counter (which will be stained antique walnut) was found on the street, as was the library chair with the carvered lion on the right. I had a carpenter friend cut an opening in the butcher block for a large black under-mount steel and enamel sink as well as the openings for a goose neck faucet. This is after having put in a new oak kitchen floor (it was concrete before I ripped it up) which I color-matched to the old growth oak parquet floor. Details, details. It's all about details, isn't it? Every inch counts. Every little thing matters. You can't waste space in a 650 square foot apartment.

Speaking of which: The World of Ornament, that was published by The World of Interiors, makes for a perfect surface for an old brass 1940's lamp (and a drink or two) between the two chairs. It rests on a curvy c. 1920's French stool that I found at John Koch Antiques. The latter is ready for a little blue fabric. Silk, wool, linen? I haven't decided yet.

Yes. That's an old copper pot sitting on top of the bookcase. I thought of adding more, but one on each side seemed enough.

I have been enjoying the light that has been streaming in the window in the middle of the day. It's brighter, warmer; a harbinger of Spring.

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  1. simply beautiful.
    i think you have a treasure. it may only be 650 sf but you have made it into a small jewel.


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