Monday, March 5, 2012

Boys in glasses...

They came today. The reading glasses from Eyebobs. And I am in heaven. No more silly reading glasses that are cheap in every sense of the word from the pharmacy around the corner. These guys are going to last me awhile. Big, thick frames with a decent hinge that promises not to break, yes?

The frames are Total Wit in Tokyo tortoise. Think nerdy by way of Cary Grant. I'm grinning, not because I look great in them, but because I can finally see what I am doing: music, computer screens, mail and menus. Nope. They aren't paying me to say this. But I am already thinking about another pair..

1 comment:

  1. i. love. those. glasses!
    and i think you will make a very dashing cary grant in them.
    tortoise shell round frames have always been the epitome of elegance to me.
    a gentleman wearing them conjures up taste, elan, a gin and tonic, and a book in a wingback chair. you are in good company!!!
    tammy j


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