Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Getting to the Steins

Mr. Husband and I recently walked across Central Park to the Metropolitan Museum to see the truly wonderful show The Steins Collect. We always enter via an entrance on the ground floor, which is located south of the main staircase on 5th Avenue.

It's hardly ever crowded there, but our recent visit was the exception to the rule: many patrons were waiting in line, perhaps emboldened to venture out since it was very warm for a winter day at nearly 70 degrees.

A short walk up a flight of stairs leads one right into the Roman and Greek galleries, which I can't get enough of.

With me snapping away, we made way to the main Rotunda, the grand stairs and the 19th century wing where the exhibit was located. 

Of course, there were no pictures allowed in the exhibit itself, so you will simply have to see it for yourself, especially if you are at all interested in Picasso and his close connection to the Stein family. The famous family member is, of course, Gertrude, who's relationship with Alice is either taken for granted or somewhat glossed over since the word 'companion' is used in lie of 'girlfriend' or 'lover' in the exhibit's public information ('companion' is like saying 'bachelor' - which obcures more than it reveals). That aside, it is a great show. One of the highlights for me is Gertrude's brother Leo, who comes across as a real character, his observations being quite hilarious. Gertrude herself? She becomes a Buddha.

You have until June 3rd to revel in early 20th century Paris.

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