Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pharaoh at the Met

I made a detour into the Metropolitan Museum of Art this past Sunday, taking in the grand lobby and the bookshop, before making my way home to the West Side and brunch with Mr. Husband.

The lobby has an amazing - or I should say - colossal statue of an Egyptian Pharaoh. Weighing ten tons, he sits in the middle of the huge lobby commanding as much attention now as he did four thousand years ago. (See the NYTimes article here.)

Now defaced with a broken nose, the face itself perhaps altered to reflect a subsequent ruler, he dominates the space with an otherworldly, alien and godlike presence.

A touch of Alien and Stargate perhaps? You can see where screenwriters got their inspiration.

He's be at the Met for at least another ten years. Don't miss him if you are in town. 

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