Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday in the Park

A photo snapped with my Iphone in Central Park after returning uptown from the flea market where I found a lovely 60's gilt frame. I'm going to make a black and white painting for it. A spatter and interlocking circles expressionist number actually. Utter hubris, I know. But since I wrote an icon some years ago (you write them rather than paint them) and the instructor - a well-known iconographer - asked me if I was an artist, I have the temerity to think I can pull it off. Sure. It might turn out to be a disaster, but what have I got to lose besides the time spent playing with paper and paint? 

The boots in the frame? I thought I'd include them since they came up in conversation with Blue and the Celt - two wonderful gentlemen Mr. Husband and I had the great pleasure of meeting at brunch today. We were walking on Columbus Avenue afterwards, and I complimented Blue on his shoes, and then heard myself yammer on about having found the boots on my street.

(That's one interesting thing about living in Manhattan. You never know what you are going to stumble on. Lately, I've been finding Electrolux vacuums in perfect working order. Built to last, they still do a fine job. The first - a collectable teal color from the early 60's - I gave to a friend. The second - made the year of the 1980 Olympics - keeps the apartment floors nice and tidy. A third - a blue number from the 50's - was recently given to another friend.)

"Very nice." I thought. "Italian leather. Excellent shape. My size! I wonder who pitched them out? Lawyer with a big expense account? Hedge Fund manager who broke up with his girl friend?" 

A week or so later, after having them reheeled, I was on my way downtown with Mr. Husband, and saw them in the window of a tony shoe shop. Shy of waltzing in with them on my feet, I asked my gentleman to undertake a reconnaissance mission. It turned out they were on sale for $800 dollars! And the original price was $1150.00!

We got a good laugh out of that. 

Know an excellent cobbler? It's time to get them resoled. 

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  1. Actually, it was the Celt and I who had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful gentlemen and who thoroughly enjoyed their company! Shoes were Peal & Co from Brooks Bros and have been totally ruined by a dickhead of a cobbler.


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