Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guilt Clock

Me: I really like this clock!

Mom: Do you want it? 

Me: Are you kidding? 

Mom: No. 

Me: Really? 

Mom: I'm glad you like it. (she says with a little laugh) 

Me: (looking quizzically)

Mom: When I was a young woman- before I met your father- the parents of a would-be beau came over from the farm across the way one day and offered it to me. I asked my parents about it - they knew I liked antiques - and they didn't have a problem with it. So I took the clock, but not the boy! (she bites her lip) 

Me: (mouth drops open)

Seth Thomas c. 1875 comes home with me.  


  1. what a lovely story! and speaking of lovely...
    did you happen to watch pbs last night's performance of phantom of the opra in the royal albert theatre? i doubt it was live. but i'd not seen it. stunning is an over-used word.
    but i found it stunning. possibly my own sentimentality. i don't know. happy memories.
    i saw the performance in queen's theatre in london in about 1997 i believe.
    but last night they had a reunion of all those who've played the phantom and it was so moving.
    it just brought chills over and over to see them together. still great voices... each one!
    i love people who have your gift!

  2. Strange to say: I've never seen Phantom, though I have many colleagues who have appeared in it.


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