Thursday, March 22, 2012

Walk to the Y

There I was snapping away with my Iphone using my Camerbag app and the magazine setting while on a walk to the Y for a swim (nothing better to keep one in shape).  I caught the steps for Trinity Lutheran on Central Park West, then the doors and something of the rose window, lining up the picture with the edge of the building.

Just a block south is the Prasada, a great building which is enshrouded for repairs. I was able to snap one of the columns however.

A block further south and I caught the railing outside the Society for Ethical culture.

And then the corner of the Society at Central Park West and 63rd Street. I rather fancy this picture. The contrast of the massive stonework and the 1930's building across the street is interesting.

Finally: the doorway of the Y which has beautiful tilework. I have heard from one source that the tiles are Spanish, while another has told me that they are from the Moravian Tile Works in Pennsylvania. Perhaps a little more digging will resolve the matter.


  1. So, the aged effect of these pictures is a result of your Camerabag app? The column detail is beautiful.

    1. This particular 'lens' on the Camerabag app gives photos greater depth while- at the same time- muting the colors somewhat. So yes- the affect is one of age. The lens is 'magazine.'


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