Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Artistans' Gate

Snapped on the way to a teach a lesson near Carnegie Hall, I passed Artisan's Gate which is located at Central Park & 7th Avenue. Horse drawn carriages line up here to take out-of-towners (mostly) for a spin around the Park. At $50 for 30 minutes, it's not exactly a bargain. But then, a taxi from the airport is gonna cost you 45 bucks before tolls and tips.

No top hat and tails for this driver who's texting before his next customer comes along. All part of the New York Experience.

Looking across the street at the New York Athletic Club and 7th avenue, the Artisans' Gate to my back.

The front entrance to the Club. 

Afternoon shadow encroaching on the Athletic Club which I captured on my way back uptown. Perhaps it's just me, but I see references to Venetian architecture. 

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  1. I applaud the indiscipline in your resolution to suspend, as much as the charm of this beautiful note. I think the image of the Gate was the best and possibly, sufficient - but the texting carriageman is certainly a time stamp!

    Please indulge us again soon ~


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