Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

Gourmet jelly beans, Christopher Norman Chocolates, pink tulips and a bottle of Avanthia Tinto wine -  which is perfect for dark chocolate - await an Easter celebration. Yes, that's Steven Gambrel's new book on the old and weathered Chinoiserie serving try (I really like the smaller darker rooms: gloss and glam vying for attention). Yes, I use the magnifying glass. Yes, that is a pile of emerald green tile sitting on the hearth (No, I'm not going to retile the hearth). Yes, my mother gave me the small carpet that is draped over the back of the chair (spiriting it out of the house and please don't tell my father, ok?) while I found the other one at the flea market. Yes, I'm breaking my resolve to not post and take the time to write elsewhere. Ah me. It's only 10 minutes, right? Ok, 20 when you add it up. 

Posting, here, there, on weekends only, boys and bunnies having their day. Perhaps that's an equitable solution.

Have fun tomorrow!  


  1. Happy Easter to you both. Glad to see a post despite the time away from your book.

  2. Found you out. The picture is sensational, the glass and the vase and the tray and the carpet.


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