Saturday, May 5, 2012

Aesthetic Knobs

Six Aesthetic Period knobs beckoned to me this morning at the flea market. "Forget about that old glass knob you have! You can use us on the kitchen cabinets you want to make; you know- the ones that will be double height. We'll look great and 'go' with the Aesthetic Period kitchen dresser, mirror and china cabinet you already have!  Take us home now!" So I did. Now I have this picture in my mind's eye of the front of the cabinets being painted with figures of angels and gilded halos: all very Burne-Jones, don't you know. Mad. Over the top. God that would be a lot of work. But there you have it.  


  1. Dear Greenery-yallery Grosvenor Gallery young man, I think you should get out your paintbox and commit the picture in your head to glass. Or, create it in glass so you have stained glass windows in your cabinets.

  2. Stained glass would be lit from behind, of course- a very interesting idea.


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