Tuesday, May 22, 2012

my dining table

In the big scheme of things it's pretty junky: a 1920's French-ish perfect-for-the-space forty-two inch something-or-other that I found in a thrift shop. Painted white with a blue stripe; it had a nice shape, three leaves, and was a steal. So I brought it home thinking I could refinish it. After stripping the lacquer off the top and the paint off the base, I found that the base wouldn't hold stain. Big oops. Then Mr. Husband said: "Why don't you gild it?" This novel idea resulted in an antiqued composite leaf finish over red bole and a walnut top (I used The Art of the Painted Finish as a guide). It is truly mad and still makes me smile.

For a Roundtable of singing teachers, pianists and friends, I lay out an ivory linen cloth, china, candles, tulips in a crystal vase, yummy food, ivory handled serving ware, Chinoisierie transfer ware and let everyone help themselves. Greenery-vallery all the way.

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  1. Absolutely decadent dahhling! Mr Husband deserves a FAB dinner for suggesting such an idea! love!


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