Saturday, June 2, 2012

red men

They were in the same room at the Philadelphia Museum of Art when I encountered them last Monday, their redness gleaming against the dark walls. I don't know why I love red so much, but I do: so much so that I tried to paint my bedroom with the color with disastrous results. Part cave, part nightmare, I knew once the primer was up (also red) that it was doomed. But you know how it is: you have to go over the cliff to know where the cliff is. I still love red, however, and fantasize about an all red library with old master paintings in burnished gold frames and lots of candle light.


  1. Fabulous portraits! The colors are remarkable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm not sure if Farrow and Ball still produce it but their "Incarnadine" is a good red. I quote:

    "A rich crimson red, similar to the red gloss paint used by the late David Hicks at Baron's Court in the 1970s."

    1. Blue- as fate would have it, I stopped in Farrow & Ball's new store on Columbus Avenue a few weeks ago and brought home their "colour" chart which still contains Incarnadine, number 248. Perhaps I should be brave and paint my bathroom this color!

    2. I'm not sure you'd like a red bathroom or, more importantly, it'd like you (skin tones in a well-lit red room might make you look as if you have high blood pressure). I painted our previous bathroom in Fowler Pink No. 39 and I loved it but the Celt hated it.


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