Saturday, June 9, 2012

Tiffany on West 67th Street

Walk down West 67th Street in Manhattan on a fair summer evening and you will come upon a Tiffany lamp. It is, arguable, one of my favorite things in New York. Sometimes I walk down the street just to see its green turtlebacks glistening in the darkness. I must apologize, of course, since the photo above was taken with my iPhone. It doesn't quite capture the lamp's jewel-like beauty. 

A conversation with the doorman a few years ago revealed that the lamp was nearly stolen, the would-be thief managing to pry one of the supports loose before being caught in the act. The doorway is now well-guarded. On the same street? The Leopard at des Artistes. It's at the end of the block and replaces the legendary Cafe des Artistes. Tiffany's lamp will light the way if you walk from Broadway to Central Park West. 

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