Monday, June 11, 2012

Umbrian Delicacies

This post might be considered an appetizer of sorts, consisting of shots I took of various meals while in Umbria last summer: I am looking forward to returning to Italy the last week of July with the Umbrian Serenades. The photo above is of antipasti which was delectable.  


Strangozzi, the traditional pasta of Spoleto, Italy. The sauce was peppery and spicy. My dinner companion started with the plate of braised radicchio. 

A plate of savory grilled meats. I could smell the fire being started and the meat being cooked- all on a cool summer evening with friends around the table. 

Truffles with arugula and a glass of Sagrantino

More lasagna! This time after a concert in Montefalco, Italy. 

A lovely pasta that melted in the mouth.

A lemony drink that a friend ordered for breakfast. I believe it was a digestive, and a festive one at that! 

More Strangozzi! The texture and taste of this pasta must be experienced firsthand to be appreciated. It's not heavy at all. This meal was made by Umbrian Serenades participants in a lively and fun cooking class. We made the dessert too, which was a light and custardy chocolate cake. Indescribably delicious. 

A dinner of grilled vegetables, bruschetta and white wine: memorable and one of the highlights. 

An unforgettable dessert of peaches marinated in Cointreau, savored while lunching with three wonderful friends at Il Panchiolle in Spoleto. Heaven in a martini glass. 


  1. I am dying. It's somewhat embarrassing to be enjoying this condition as I go, but I think the grilled vegetables, bruschetta and white wine issue an irresistible summons.

    1. Not embarrassing at all, Laurent. It sounds like you are still very much alive. Thanks for your comment. The grilled vegetables were divine. The company and view (looking out over Spoleto) didn't hurt either. Great food with good people is a winning combination.

  2. I've decided in my dotage to withdraw from the world and teach myself how to cook. Your pictures, thus, are much appreciated, especially the first and last. Peaches marinated in Cointreau! Almost worth having to interact with people at the supermarket - maybe.

    1. Blue- I can identify with cooking aspirations having delved into Julia Child's world via picking up her Art of French Cooking in a San Diego bookstore. Better, however, is Jacque Pepin's Fast Food My Way and the later More Fast Food My Way. These books will help you find that cooking gene. His desserts are much like the marinated peaches! Daniel


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