Sunday, July 8, 2012

American Gothic Candlestick

I've had this American Gothic candlestick for the longest time, finding it at the flea market all beaten up, half smashed in a box of rubbish. It needed some work on the base so that it would sit level as well as a reshaping of the stem so it would stand vertically. Not perfect by any means, it's been sitting here and there around the apartment, coming out for holiday dinners, never quite fully dressed without its crystals.

Yesterday, I made the subway trip down to Chelsea and the Antique's Garage in 100 degree weather and was rewarded with finding a box of old chandelier parts. Spying the crystals you see here, I thought: they might be a little short, or not short enough (it's all about scale), but what the hell, I'm going for it. So I did. Longer, prism-shaped crystals would be more 'period', but the result makes me smile: I like how the circles talk to one another. 

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