Thursday, September 13, 2012

Change is in the air

Lincoln Center Plaza

I walked past the  bejeweled Former State Theatre at Lincoln Center yesterday - where I used to sing with New York City Opera -  during the 'blue hour', just the time when I would have been entering for the 'half-hour'. There are lots of good memories on the building for me! One is auditioning for Beverly Sills and being ushered into the company for the next twenty-three years. God. I had a blast. 

In years past, this was the week when NYCO would open its Fall Season. But that is no more. City Opera imploded more than a year ago, leaving Lincoln Center and necessitating the reorganization of hundreds of lives, including mine.

I had that wonderful feeling of being in the theatre when I walked by. Getting ready, putting on makeup, walking to the stage, hearing the overture and being shot out of a cannon and singing, singing, singing. Nothing quite like it. 

Now there is another shift in my life: I am stepping up my efforts in becoming a published author in my chosen field of vocal pedagogy and hear the whisper of intuition telling me it is time to turn my attention more fully to that endeavor as well as to my other blog: VoiceTalk. To be frank: I am not sure when I will be returning to post here. Needless to say: I am very grateful for the you - the reader. It's been fun being- as my friend Blue so adroitly put it- a man about town.  My sincere thanks to you! 

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  1. I understand you must prioritize but, despite not commenting over the summer, I shall miss this blog. You suggested you might take it down but if you can leave it be - you never know.

    All the best for the book.


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