Monday, September 24, 2012

Frame & Fate

The large ebonized Aesthetic Period frame that I found at the flea market a few weeks ago? My father would have loved it. But unfortunately, he won't get to see it, nor will I be able to tell him about it since he died this past Tuesday. His health was failing for about two years, but until he went to 'rehab' in July, we'd get on the phone and he'd ask me what I found in my foraging at the Antiques Garage between 24th and 25th Street.

He loved old wood, iridescence, Tiffany, turquoise and silver, big belt buckles, fountain pens, Stetsons and cowboy songs. A big man at six foot five, his contemporaries called him Slim as a young man.

I was thinking of this and many other things as I took these photos. Funny. I hadn't planned on making a post in a long while. I was supposed to be writing, right? Fate had other plans. 

I saw him the day before he died. He charged into a clearing after not speaking coherently for about a month, even having something to eat after not being able to swallow for a week. Recognizing my face, and saying my name was gift enough. Then came the humor when he slyly said: I'm glad I could get you all together again, between spoonful's of applesauce And he has. 


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