Tuesday, September 25, 2012

wallpapered kitchen cabinet doors

Wallpapered kitchen cabinet doors. That's what I am thinking of having, using the wallpaper by Andrew Martin you see above. I'm imagining tall-doored cabinets that go to the ceiling (either black or white), the doors being inset with the wallpaper above, the thought coming to me after looking at the pictures of my tiny Manhattan kitchen in the previous post. I found the paper here. The idea is to fool the eye into thinking that the kitchen is no kitchen at all, but part of the living room library. Mad perhaps, but I love with whimsy of the idea. What thinkest thou? Can you see it?


  1. Years ago I knew someone who had a Spanish Dancer doll in the bathroom - it was under her skirt that a spare bog roll was kept. The next time I saw her she was a lamp on top of a TV and the bulb was under her skirts. Just sayin'

    If you go with this idea it has to be taken to the max - dish soap kept in its own hollow book, tea towels printed to look like stacks of books when hanging on a rail, perhaps a real book or two supporting antique-look pestles and mortars and mini witches cauldrons. Could be lovely!

    1. Thank you for your bracing comment, Blue. Bulb in her skirt? Lordly! Ok. I think I get it. All the way or it's tacky!


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