Monday, September 3, 2012

Youthful Hercules

Youthful Hercules in the atrium of the Greek and Roman Galleries at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I snapped a few pictures of him while on a visit to see Bellini, Titan and Lotto: North Italian Paintings Accademia Cararra, Bergamo, an exhibition that is now closed. The latter, of course, made me think of my all too short two weeks in Italy this summer. 

But back to the son of Zeus. He's an eyeful, larger than life and towers over everything in the gallery. Of course, it's interesting to contemplate what he might have originally looked like, since it is now known Greek and Roman statuary was polychromed

The embodiment of masculinity, muscles and might, his descendants can be found in gyms and comic books, magazines and movies. One of them is Thor. He entertained on the plane returning from Rome.

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