Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Discovering Columbus (on a coffee table)

He's a big guy, looking down from 70 feet on passing cars and pedestrians at Columbus Circle, far enough away to wonder what he really looks like. Now you can see him, up close and personal, thanks to Natzu Nishi who has taken to putting grand statues into living room environments.       

He's constructed an apartment in the sky on top of one of the main traffic circles in Manhattan, right next to the Time Warner building, where CNN has its headquarters. 

You walk up six flights of scaffolding (you can also take a small elevator), then enter what looks like a hallway in a high rise building.

Turn right, and there he is standing on a coffee table with his back to you looking downtown, swathed in pink wallpaper. I laughed out loud.

Having sung in quite a few modern operatic stagings which take absurdist twists, I half-expected the statue to start singing the part of the Commendatore in Don Giovanni. After all, Manhattan is sin city, right? And we're all going to hell. 

He's been repaired a few times. There is also a certain roughness. Made in a hurry or has New York weather not been kind? I wanted to ask.

People lounge on modern furniture, bantering away while taking pictures. Some in the Italian community have taken offense. Ok. I thought. Shall we ask native Indians how they feel? At least people are talking about art. 

The only thing missing in the conversation are the martini's. Go see the exhibit while you still can. The views are fabulous, and it's free. Find more about the installation here. 


  1. Thanks for stopping by Lost past... I could move into your header picture room tomorrow... my ideal sitting room. I look forward to looking through your blog... (ps, a great friend of mine is a voice professor/opera singer!)

    1. Thank you for the kind words on my sitting room, LostPastRem. Come for tea when you are in Gotham next.


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