Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I made a trip to Eataly on 23rd Street in Chelsea this past Sunday afternoon, stopping by to pick up fresh pasta and salad greens. It's the one place in town where you can find shoppers with a glass of wine in hand. No kidding.

The huge cheeses are right behind the wine in the 'piazza'. Manzo, shown in the photo below, is one of the tonier places at which to dine. I've been there once with Mr. Husband and a friend. We had the wine pairing menu - a delectable experience.

The pasta I brought home is below. I melted butter to put on it along with cheese, accompanied by salad greens (see below) with a dressing of balsamic vinegar and an amazing olive oil brought back from the Antonelli vinery in Umbria. The wine was a lovely Chianti from Sicily. God, it was a good meal. Simple, fresh food. Viva Italia!


  1. Love Eataly - the noise, the crowds, the sheer liveliness of it. Pasta with butter and cheese and a good sprinkling of nutmeg is one of my favourite meals. A good (good in the sense of big) glass of plonk to go with it and only one thing thing more could make life better but I shall not go there.

    1. I imagine it must be one of two words that start with the same sound. Or both!


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