Thursday, October 25, 2012


The Buddhist's have a meditative technique which asks one to observe life as if it is a dream (I must confess that I don't practice it much). By this they don't mean that it is without meaning. On the contrary, I understand them to mean that everything we see has the meaning that we give it- a very different thing. 

This came to mind as I stumbled my way through the parking lot of the Serbian Orthodox Church on West 24th Street this past Sunday. The flea market is in a parking lot on one side of the church, while I had never been in the other lot on the other side of the building. What did I see there?  

A beautifully mysterious red door and a green Volvo with an arresting license plate. If this was a dream, I thought, then this would be the message.  

Time to Evolvo. 


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