Friday, October 19, 2012


Don't ask me why I'm mad for this old Victorian transfer ware bowl made by Petrus Regout in Holland. Part of me thinks I should have more taste, but what can I say? I like this gaudy stuff. I like the amberish-orange color, and how it highlights the black Chinoiserie scene, even if the pattern itself is hastily matched in places.  

I've been collecting Petrus Regout's Pajong pattern for a while now after seeing my first piece - a  larger serving bowl - at the flea market about a year ago. So far, I've acquired another serving bowl - both are perfect for serving Chinese food,  as well as several bread plates, and a large cafe latte cup and saucer. It's huge! Reflecting, perhaps, the industrial age's push for more, more, more. The imperfection of this mass-produced stuff is, frankly, part of its charm: a bit of crazing here, a blemish there, either it appeals to you, or it doesn't. For many, it's just too busy. Me? I observe my curvy bowl having a long talk with the prayer carpets on the living room chair and the fireplace tile.

This bowl is different from my other pieces in that the central scene isn't glazed with the same color as the band. A mistake? Or a design decision? I don't know enough about the production to know. What I do know is that every single piece will make an appearance at the Thanksgiving table. If only I had some plates! 

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