Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tiffany at The New York Historical Society

Tiffany is everywhere lately, at least as far as blogs are concerned. He's being featured over at The Devoted Classicist this morning as well as Design Architect. As you may have noticed in my recent post, my father collected Tiffany lamps, acquiring most of them in the 60's, when they were considered old-fashioned. They came with stories. One was picked up at a house sale. When my father got there, it was the only thing left, no one wanted it. Another sat in a basement for over thirty years after being sent home with the maid who happened to knock it over. I took these photos of Tiffany's lamps  at  the New York Historical Society for my dad since he wasn't able to travel to see them. Speaking of which: at one time, the NYHS exhibited these lamps in a large dimly lit room, their jewel-like colors being shown to best advantage. Now these lamps are caged behind glass. Do you see the leg-ish lamp base in the picture below in the upper left? My dad made one just like it. He was quite the craftsman. 


  1. they really are spectacular, no? I have a painted glass shade that was my great grandmothers that I love. Unfortunately the base broke during my move and would have been very expensive to have redone (the guy i trust at my lighting place quoted $600 which is more than the lamp is worth). It wasn't a tiffany (ha)so it won't really affect the value. I'll have to find a new base.

    1. They are indeed! Seeing them up close gives one a definite appreciation for their unique beauty, which is not altogether captured in a photo. I hope you can find a base for your lamp, so that you can can enjoy it again! There are so many beautiful art lamps that are not Tiffany.


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