Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pining for Umbrian Serenades

The Piazza del Duomo, where Umbrian Serenades has its first concert on the porch. Taken this past July, I am pining for Italy since my friend and colleague Paulo Faustini, the founder of Umbrian Serenades, is returning there over the Holidays. I wish I could go with him,  but will have to wait until this summer when I return for the third time.

Umbrian Serenades really is a special program. Unusual in that it combines high level a-cappella music making with a wonderful cultural experience. You really 'get' Italy in a way that you don't by traveling alone. Days are spent honing the concert program, while evenings and late afternoons are taken up with fabulous meals and sightseeing.  

Spoleto itself is like no town, which you really have to experience firsthand to understand what I mean. It's the kind of place that finds its way into your dreams. As it is, I had my first big 'sing' in the Duomo when I was a graduate student, an experience that changed my life. Really. Participants of the program tell me the same thing. So all I can say is: come sing with me in Italy. It will change your life! 

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