Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ready for Christmas

I had a good break, taking this blog offline for a couple of months, even trying to keep things going on Tumblr which turned out to be a mistake. Realizing that I kinda missed this forum...well...here I am again. Mea Culpa! 

What have I been up to? Writing on my other blog about singing, writing a good deal, and getting some academic articles published. All good. Last Saturday Mr. Husband and I had a Christmas Party, and decked the apartment out a little bit with magnolia leaf garland on the mantel. All I had to do was zip downtown to the flower district on 6th avenue around 28th Street, and pick up a half-box of the leaves, which were wrapped in brown paper. Putting it together? It only took about 30 minutes.  No old Christmas ornaments this year. Rather, I just used gilded pine cones and decorative cranberry vines which I've had for a long while. Simple.  

I love the Holidays, if only because I get to make some wonderful music. Last week that meant singing the solos in Handel's Messiah for a friend in New Hope, Pennsylvania. This coming week it will mean singing services on the East Side where Rutter's Nativity Carol and What Sweeter Music will bring me  to tears. Gorgeous music will do that.

My father made the angel Gabriel that hangs above the mantel out of old barn board from my grandmother's farm, the barn falling down in the middle of the night when I was a teenager. Ever resourceful, he made something beautiful out of nothing. I remember him this season. 

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