Thursday, December 20, 2012

Walking Home

I love living in New York City. Really.  I do. I get to teach wonderful singers here, since the City is the capital of culture in many respects, both nationally and internationally. I'm still singing myself, after two decades at the opera at Lincoln Center, currently at a church on the Upper East Side - right across the Park from where I live. Of course, this affords me with the opportunity of walking past the Metropolitan Museum of Art on my way home. Do I go in? Up bet. Wouldn't miss it for anything.

Just walking into the lobby makes my spirits soar. It's a grand space, one that was filled with art when it first opened a century ago. 

The architecture is Victorian, over the top, and somewhat 'thick'.  But I love it.  And the art? We're really spoiled rotten since the Metropolitan has an incredible collection.

What most people don't realize is that the Metropolitan has a suggested admission. I tell my classical students this frequently. "Go to the Met," I say. "Look at the paintings by Rembrandt and observed the rich chiaroscuro coloring. That's what your voice should sound like! And it's cheap. Plunk down a few bucks and no one will blink an eye! Really. Go! You have no excuses!" They do. And come back amazed that seeing great art doesn't have to cost them an arm and a leg. (The current suggested admission is something like $22 bucks now.) They also get a visual idea of what it means to make beautiful tone.

The eye goes up when you are standing in the lobby. It does that too when you exit and walk through Central Park. You see the buildings of the West Side and aim your way home, winding through the paths. 

Looking towards Central Park West.

The path leads down to Central Park lake, where I snapped the view looking towards Central Park South, and the huge new apartment building which is being completed there. A few more steps and I was home. 

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