Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gaudy Light

1880's Japanese Aesthetic Period table lamp.

I found the lamp that sits behind the sofa at the Antiques Garage on 24th Street some years ago. Got it for a song. No one wanted it because 1) the base isn't perfect, 2) its an orphan, and 3) the style is much out of favor, glam now being all the rage. But it makes me smile. I love the bug-eyed birds, the Victorian patterned borders, and the riot of color. And you know what? It looks great from 10 feet away. Sitting next to it is a Japanese lacquered box, and a collection of harmonicas from my father. Plunked down after being brought home, they have yet to find their 'place'. The table is 1840's, and is stamped 'New York'. It's rather beaten up, being- I believe- a kitchen table of some sort: rigorously washed and worn down, water damage aplenty. Not a precious thing, I refinished it so it would sing in harmony with the c. 1910 walnut armoire that stands behind. Lastly, the century old green and gold runner was given to me by a friend, who found it at the Paris flea market. It reportedly graced a church altar in the City of Lights.

Those who have read Dorothy L. Sayers, will understand my title. Pure whimsy on my part, I assure you. 


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