Monday, January 7, 2013

January Light

Christmas trees lie orphaned on the sidewalk, piled up by the hundreds in the blocks around my street, waiting for the sanitation department to take them away. This is what I saw on my way home Sunday afternoon after singing a service on the East Side in the morning.  

I took the bus across town to 86th Street, and then walked south on Central Park West, snapping the sights as I went, taking in the Natural History Museum and other buildings along the way home.  

The Winter sun was hanging low in the sky, making the walk bright, yet also dim, the relief in the stone front of the Natural History Museum standing out in sharp contrast.

A church just south of the New York Historical Society is Gothic in style, and now houses a Universalist church, and is known for renting out its sanctuary to India mystics, who bless their devotees long into the night. 

I passed by the Portuguese Synagogue, which resembles a Roman temple, a cab whizzing past in the morning light.

The dinosaur topiary at the Natural History Museum is lit with lights, which are hard to see in this photo. I don't expect him to last the week, but the Christmas trees have been repurposed on my street, having been turned into adornment and protection for the tree pits- this last word seeming rather crude, if accurate. 

The green anticipates new life from the frozen earth, as do I.  

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