Friday, January 25, 2013

Let it snow

December Snow Storm, Central Park, 2010. 

After my Mac crashed and was restored a few weeks ago, I found the photos above which I'd forgotten about. They had been lurking on the hard drive - a few of them appearing in a post I made two years ago in January. However, we've hardly had a dusting of white stuff this Winter. Hence the title: Let it snow. While many gripe and moan about it being hard to get around in the City when the snow man cometh, I relish it, and remember when city life stopped for about a week in 2006, when a storm dropped more than 26 inches in Central Park, and there was skiing down Broadway. Wonderful madness everywhere: I'd never seen buttoned up City dwellers have so much fun.

For a little history on storms in New York, click here


  1. You're putting together one of the most elegant walking tours I've seen since Lockwood (P'70) on brownstones. And vastly less predictable. :)

    1. Thank you, Laurent. I have that book. Found it at one of the book vendors on the street some years ago. I got my wish btw: it starting snowing here this evening. If it sticks, I should have new pictures of the Park in the morning.


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