Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Triumphal Return of Paderewski

Ignac Jan Paderewski (1860-1941), 9 inch, Robinson & Leadbeater Parian Ware Porcelain Bust, c. 1880's. 

Mr. Husband saw this bust at the Portobello Road Market in London in 1997, but passed it by and regretted it the moment we got back to New York. A few years later, he found it on Ebay, and won it after a hair-raising bidding process. Fast forward a decade. I am cleaning the mirror on the mantel and Paderewski falls to the tile hearth, his head smashing to pieces.  Vowing to replace what was lost,  but fearing that we would never see him again (this size bust is rare), I searched everywhere for more than a year, again finding Paderewski's youthful countenance on Ebay. He made his way back home in yesterday's post.  Utter relief. And Joy. 

Listen to the great pianist play his own work here.  


  1. A happy ending, Daniel! I once had a pair of mercury glass vases with very unusual form. One got knocked off while I was dusting the mirror on the mantel :( I'm still searching...

    1. A happy ending, indeed, Loi! The moral of the story for me? No dusting of mirrors or cleaning of mantels without first carefully removing everything. I sincerely hope you happen upon, or find your mercury glass vase! The most unusual things do happen. Daniel


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