Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Persian Tiffany Plates

Tiffany & Co. dinner plates, found at Saratoga Springs, NY, some years ago. We have four of them. I adore their Tiffany Blue and the flowers painted on gold disks. Their wear doesn't bother me in the slightest. They appear at holidays, and the other night when I decided to dress up mac & cheese (an excellent recipe can be found here - the secret ingredient being toasted mustard seed) with an arugula salad and French pinot noir. Of course, I've had my eye out for more of these plates, but to no avail.


  1. you can create a search on ebay and it will email you when they appear. I too have a few unusual patterns I would love to get more of! The problem is that not everyone can figure out how to post the name - spells it incorrectly, etc. frustrating. These are really beautiful!

    1. Thank you, ArchitectDesign. That is a great idea! You are right, there is the matter of correct spelling and date entry - i.e.: I finally found a bust of Paderewski there, but Ebay didn't notify me because of the difference in data. But one can get lucky! Wishing us both good luck!

  2. Have you tried the Replacements Ltd. web site? I was able to find extra pieces for my very old silver plate flatware there.


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