Saturday, February 2, 2013

Piano Man: James Carney

Our 1970's Yamaha piano was rebuilt this past month with new action, hammers, bass strings, and regulation taking about a month to complete. Doing the work? The excellent jazz artist, composer and teacher James Carney, who really knows his way around the keyboard. 

The new 'pressed' hammers are manufactured in upstate New York, being made from a rediscovered pre-WW1 German process. They give the piano a mellow, full tone, one that rings for a much longer time.  

These photos show James in action, adjusting each key. How long did this take? Two 10 hour days. James worked with a surgeon's light on his forehead, which enabled him to operate on our piano with deft precision. It really is that kind of work. Exacting and time consuming. 

We are quite pleased with the result, the instrument now having greater dynamic and tonal range. If your piano needs attention, we can highly recommend James.  

iPhone photo, CameraBag App, Magazine setting. 

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