Wednesday, March 6, 2013

behind the sofa

Victorian clips for hanging pictures. Perhaps its just me, but this kind of detail and artistry on small  utilitarian things makes my heart sing.

A collection of harmonicas, an Edwardian opaline vase, an antique yardstick, and a Georgian inlaid box (I've already yakked about the lamp). 

The box has a little mother-of-pearl in its design. When I brought it from Koch Antiques here in New York, I found that its original lining of blue-ish silver tea paper had been supplanted by Victorian tufted silk. Well. That came out. 

An antique lacquered Japanese box is also in residence. 

It sits next to an old cloisonné Japanese jar which is missing its lid. The  deco brass letter opener isn't just for show. It  gets used when when mail arrives. 

The oak table is old. Stamped "New York" on the underside, I imagine it to be c. 1840 - 1860. The stretchers are quite worn, as are the two leaves which tuck up underneath. Its wear suggests that it was used daily, perhaps in a kitchen, and washed down quite often. When I got it, the top had nary a shred of finish left, while the bottom stretcher had rot and water damage. The rest of the piece was covered in a reddish varnish which I took off and replaced with 'antique walnut' since it isn't a precious antique, and I wanted it to 'go' with the antique armoire that sits opposite.  The prayer carpet? It's from the flea market. 

If you look closely, you can make out the printer behind the far end of the sofa and table. What to do with electronics in a small apartment? That's the trick. It may move elsewhere once we are able to reconfigure how space is used in our bedroom. It's a puzzle! 

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