Thursday, March 28, 2013

Columbia Man: Tall Dark (literally) and Handsome

I was at Teachers College at Columbia University last night to take part in a masterclass for singing teachers (see my blog VoiceTalk for details) and passed by the main gates. There, of course, was Columbia Man who was in the shadows when I saw him last, the street light on his occasion lending  a certain mystery.  His long body makes me think of Byzantine iconography. 


  1. It'd be good to see a series of photographs of male statues in Manhattan. Not necessarily all with an off-the-shoulder toga as here but the occasional loin cloth or figleaf would add a frisson or shudder of delight. The bronze with the polished phallus in the Time-Warner Centre would be ideal if not idealized as the nobility shown above.

    Disclaimer: Not being sexist here, just expressing a preference.

    1. I know the one of which you speak. Every time I swing by there to do a little shopping at Whole Foods, he's having his picture taken with someone. Very busy fellow that man!


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