Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Grand Central Station

And to think, there was a move to tear down the place, which Jackie O put a stop too. Can you imagine, the behind the scene letters? Now Grand Central is celebrating its Centenary, as is the Public Library. I saw both this past Sunday, but you really didn't think I was going to post both sets of photos in one post? Nope. Much too much to take in. 

Oh. I did visit Lilac Chocolate, which is in a food corridor on the Lexington Avenue side of the building.

One of the great pubic spaces in New York, you feel as though you've arrived when you walk across the terrazzo floor and look up at the stars. 

Are the stars out tonight? I can't see if it's cloudy or bright, for I only have eyes for you, dear.  

Dinky iPhone with CameraBag App and Magazine setting. 


  1. I'm always so disappointed that when I take the train to NY it takes you to Penn station (ugh) instead of to grand central - a fitting welcome to NYC!

    1. Oh to have lived in New York before Penn Station was torn down! I can only imagine! Must have been wonderful to arrive there. So agree with you.


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