Friday, March 22, 2013

Lady Columbia

I don't know her name or history, though I suspect she has something to do with higher learning, seeing that she graces the entrance to Columbia University where I went a few days ago for lunch. No, not the University, but down the street at decent French place. I come up out of the subway, saw the light, and snapped away, thinking her rather pensive. Her male partner, however, didn't fair so well, being in the shadows. So, you're not going to see him, I am sorry to say. Quite the looker too. 

My friend and I had a lovely lunch at Le Monde, catching up on matters singing. It's a funny profession. Try the Cod Provencal if you go. It's new on the menu and great with a glass of Côte de Rhone.

I'll go back for the boy another time. 


  1. So, this male companion? Can you not take his photo on a less grey day?

  2. I can, and will when I am in that part of town next. The angle of the sun had him in shadow when I was there last.


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