Thursday, March 21, 2013

Lobby Effort

It all started with Gotham fining our 10 apartment Brownstone co-op for not having a must-be-seen-fire-exit notice. Ok, then. Where could we post it? How about the lobby? Would that get us outta jail? It would. So I came up with the idea of putting up a nice looking bulletin board in our tiny lobby to feature said notice. I also plotted to replace the 1940's mirror with an Aesthetic Period one that I had on hand -  which you can see leaning against the fireplace opening. 

Since the old mirror in the lobby had clips on it, I thought all I needed to do was take off the clips and the mirror would come off with it. Ha! What a laugh! What I didn't count on was the thing being glued on tight! See that wire dangling in the upper left hand corner? That was my effort to cut through the mastic behind the mirror. I spent a good 30 minutes trying to pry the thing loose. Of course the wire got stuck. What to do? Smash the damn thing. I can't tell you what pleasure this gave me. How often do you get to destroy something? (Ok, let's not talk politics and 10 year anniversaries.) 

How to you remove a glued mirror from a wall that won't come off? The first thing you do is cover it with duct tape. Then you get out your goggles. THEN you get out your hammer.

I pounded every square inch of the thing: BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM! 

Oh cool! Glittery stuff! Who would have thought! Next up? Pull the mirror off the wall.

Here it is lying on the floor. How long did this take me? About 5 minutes from the start of hammering. Taping took longer.

Here is the new mirror in place of the old one. The glued spots were filled in, sanded, primed and painted Cameo White from Benjamin Moore. The trim is blue, while the terrazzo floor has a good deal of black in it. That's where I got the idea of donating the Aesthetic mirror. The lighting is from Rejuvenation, and was installed about 5 years ago when the building was re-wired.  

Here is the new bulletin board and shelf. No more papers and boxes lying on the floor (the NYTimes, New York Post, Daily News, and Wall Street Journal is delivered to various residents). Happy co-op people.

The shortened edge of the shelf provides egress past the stairway from which the photo was taken. If it had been wider, people would have bumped into it. Not hard to do, I had an oak plank cut at a local lumber place (yes, we have a few in Gotham), and painted it the basement. The frame for the bulletin board was made at a local frame shop which cut down the cork board from Staples. 

Since the shelf isn't that deep, I am thinking of glamming up the edge with three inch black leather/felt fringe and brass studs - very Victorian of course. It would go with the building, which was built in 1895-96, and echo the leaf motif in the mirror frame. Think I should go for it, or leave well enough alone?  


  1. Hmm - will the edging be brushed against and eventually fall off or get damaged? Love the new mirror!

    1. Good Question! I think using a fringed leather with brass nailheads would be durable. My concern is: would it look better? *grinning* Thanks for loving the new/old mirror. I may not be finding more like it soon, since the vendor at the Flea from whom I bought it is no longer coming to the City from Pennsylvania.


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