Monday, April 15, 2013

Gotham Deco: 570 Lexington Avenue

You can live in Gotham a long time and never see things in your own back yard. Such was the case yesterday, when I had occasion to walk far down East 52nd Street to the Turtle Bay Music School for a memorial service for my singing teacher colleague Carol O'Hara (who left the planet a few weeks shy of 100). On the way home, I stumbled upon 570 Lexington. the verre églomisé lightning bolts on the facade catching my eye. Built by General Electric during the height of the Depression, I had a Wizard of Oz moment standing in the lobby. (Remember the scene where Dorothy and her companions walk down a long hall before seeing the Wizard?) It's quite something with it's silver leaf ceiling, polished stone walls and nickel fixtures. Not to be missed when you are in town.  

Photos taken with dinky iPhone, CameraBag App & Magazine setting. 

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