Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Midtown Walk

More from my walk over to the East Side and back this past Sunday afternoon, taking in everything from Tiffany, Saks, Cartier, Lipstick building. Venus Rising, deco grate and Atlas holding the world on 5th Avenue, Elizabeth Arden, St. Thomas Church, Harry Winston, Bergdorf Goodman, Bottega Veneta, St. Bartholomew's Church and the forgotten Phillips Building on West 57th. When I got home I made dinner with my favorite Côte du Rhone- Le Grand Ribe. 'Twas Good. 

Photos taken with dinky iPhone, Camerabag App & Magazine setting. 


  1. But how did you get so many great shots without a MILLION tourists in the way? haha

    1. Thanks ArchitectDesign! Sunday afternoon may be the answer to your question. Not so many people on the street, and in the case of the photo of Harry Winston, I waited a few minutes to take the shot.


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