Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The boy around the corner

He appeared years ago when the place was Victor's Cafe , then was painted brown when a Malaysian place moved in. Now the new owner has whitewashed him over and put in overhead lighting. For a minute, it looked like he was going to be torn down, but I believe the Landmark's Commission took a dim view of that. Haven't been in the new place, and probably won't since it's rather pricey, one chef has come and gone, and the food has gotten a terrible review. I figure the boy is waiting this one out. 


  1. Now thats a pretty picture -why such art in a restaurant? Was it once a post office or something? Public works project from the 30s maybe?

  2. Click on the links for interesting info. It was a Cuban restaurant at one time - 1963 - when the area really was 'West Side Story.'

  3. Beautiful male image - the second in a series, I hope, of sculpted males (and I don't mean "cut" or "ripped" or "built" men). There's enough of that sort of thing around already. (What am I saying?)

    1. Oh, I have my work cut out for me! Next stop, Rock Center.


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